School Board Vote

The School Board Votes For or Against Dr. Greene’s Recommendation to Change the name of Robert E. Lee to Riverside High School.

June 1, 2021 at School Board Building
1701 Prudential Drive Jacksonville, FL 32207

Show your support at Alumni Mini Reunion at 4:00pm
Final Vote during School Board Meeting at 6:00pm
Need simple majority of the 7 members to vote against changing the name!

Keep The Robert E. Lee High School Name

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School Board Policy

Help Us Keep The Robert E. Lee High School Name

Founded in 1928, Robert E. Lee High School has one of the most distinguished histories in all of Jacksonville.

Our alumni include former members of Congress, Mayors, current and former judges and other elected officials as well as professional athletes and entertainers who have gone on to international acclaim. Our classrooms have produced not only leaders in education, business, law and medicine but people from all walks and stations of life who are proud to be Lee Generals.

We have alumni of all races, creeds, religions and identities. All educated at Robert E. Lee High School.

The intent of this website is to provide information helpful with to ensure the Duval County School Board to take into consideration the opinion of those of us who believe that their job is not to engage in the politics of the time, but to educate the next generation.

We believe that changing the name of Lee or any other school will do nothing to better prepare our children.

Therefore, we the alumni, parents, students and friends of Robert E. Lee High School respectfully request that the Duval County School Board focus on the job that they were elected to perform.

Educating our children.

Credit: Bobby Lee

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